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Ron Rice is a Nationally Recognized Court Qualified/Appointed Forensic Examiner and Profiler of the Authors of Questioned, Anonymous, Threatening, Terrorist, Sexual, Ethnic, Religious Harassment and/or Forged Handwriting/Hand Printing Documents

 *    Approved Vendor by the Massachusetts Committee for Public Services for Indigent Defendants.  

 *    Approved Vendor by the Florida Justice Administrative Commission for Indigent Defendants.         

      *  Member of the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group and (former member) Florida Crime and Intelligence Analyst Association, Inc.

         * A certified Handwriting Examiner NOT a pseudo-document examiner or member of  any  pseudo-document  examiner associations.

*(Ron Rice is President of Checkmate Forensic Services, Inc.,
d.b.a. Checkmate Forensic Handwriting Examiners
& d.b.a.  New England Legal Investigations & d.b.a. WomenConfidentialWorld)

Ron Rice Has Been Court Qualified/Appointed (FL, SC, IL) To Perform Legal/Forensic Behavioral Profiles Through Written
Communication on Victims of Alleged Suicide and Defendants Indicted on Capital Murder.
Ron's Profiles Paralleled Profiles Performed by the Court Appointed Psychiatrists.
Two (2) Alleged Suicides Ron Performed Profiles on Were Proven to be Forgeries and, in Fact, Homicides  (IL, Republic of the Philippines). 

North East Office & South East Office have been Consolidated 
Effective September, 2015, my working offfice is now based in Florida (see below).
Out-Of-State Professional charges are $1000.00 per day; $185.00 per case work hour plus hotel air and surface expenses.
(Thank you for your interest in having me assist you in your handwriting isssue. Please do not ask me to negotiate professional fees.  Daily charges are from the time I depart Florida until the time I return to my Florida office.) 
PRIMARY SERVICES are as a Handwriting/Hand Printing Examiner & consultant/assistant to counsel when vetting opposing pseudo-document examiner(s) with false and/or exaggerated credentials.  This could be a deciding point in winning or losing your court case!  I speak from experience!!!
Note:     Effective June 10, 2013 ~ Nationwide contact telephone number for Ron Rice has been centralized to:
Tel: (508) 451-6964
Nationwide fax number:  (352) 435-7236
South East (HOME) Office
1425 Miller Blvd.
Fruitland Park, Florida  34731
Tel:  (352) 435-7235   Fax:  (352) 435-7236


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Checkmate Forensic Services was established in 1973, and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-quality personal services.

Providing superior personal service, as dictated by national professional standards and ethics, means taking the time to listen.

Ron Rice will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the services you need.

Forensic services is client oriented, and strict confidentiality is a primary concern.

- Retaining a Properly Educated, Trained & Certified

Forensic Handwriting Examiner or Document Examiner -


People from many walks of life search out a Handwriting Expert for assistance in resolving civil, criminal and/or other personal and/or family issues.  Many of these individuals are undergoing extreme trauma, suffering potential financial, marriage, business and/or personal losses as well as related physical and mental suffering.  At this time, the general public, attorneys and courts do not have a clue as to what it is they are becoming involved with when dealing with certain of these alleged experts.  

Most alleged experts claim to be certified document examiners.  Certain of these people also allege to be both a certified handwriting expert and document examiner. Certain of them may be certified handwriting examiners but not a legitimate certified document examiner.  Conversely, all of them allege to be handwriting experts - although certain of them have never been properly educated, trained and certified as such.  These frauds are openly and intentionally perpetrating a fraud upon the client, their attorneys and, the courts.

 People who seek help are already experiencing mental and physical stress.  It is a gross act of cruelty to intentionally misrepresent one self as being a document examiner with false and exaggerated credentials and, based upon who best lies (under oath) and misrepresents their pseudo-credentials, may very well be instrumental in the opposing client losing their case before the court or worse, suffer imprisonment.  These pseudo-document examiners are a threat to the safety and well being of the general public.  

   Therefore, before you retain an alleged or pseudo-document examiner, Ron Rice recommends that you inquire about:

The length of time the alleged document examiner studied stroke structure and what s/he studied/performed in a LICENSED and CERTIFIED state/federally APPROVED laboratory training environment.

The number of examinations completed, and DOCUMENT the grade average, for his/her certification.

The name and location of the LICENSED school.

The credentials of the instructors and, be willing and able to provide documented and verifiable proof of all of the above.


Unless the alleged document examiner and his/her credentials, education, training and actual DE performances/requirements HAVE BEEN properly investigated and verified; and s/he has been properly CERTIFIED as a Document Examiner by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences or other professional organizations such as the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners, based upon the intense investigation as stated, you may be dealing with a pseudo-document examiner a.k.a. a certified fraud.

Do not allow a pseudo-document examiner's court  testimony list, testimonials and college degree in a profession unrelated to document examination; or membership in a private organization that certifies them as pseudo- document examiners, fool you as they have fooled their clients and the courts where they testified.

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